Emerge Competition ‘Rising Youth’


The brief identified the high unemployment and under-employment rates amongst the youth, the need for strategic partnerships and spaces for our youth to acquire the work experience and skills necessary to keep driving our economy and to interact with like-minded peers and mentors. The students were asked to address these issues through a proposal that rethinks the traditional youth centre typology and to portray their new visions for a Youth and Entrepreneurship Centre.
The Youth and Entrepreneurship Centre aims to enhance the youth’s economic participation by providing incubation spaces that offer skills and mentorship programs. This centre will integrate business incubation, skills training and social interaction in a safe and secure environment. It will be animated by the activity and opportunity offered in the spaces with a dynamic landscape that reflects the vibrancy of such a centre. Such a space would be vital in addressing the socio-economic problems that plague our country

Jury’s General Comments
The body of work received displayed passion, skill and optimism that excited the judges. It was interesting to see the diverse responses to the brief. Most of the projects had a sustainable undertone but care is to be taken in the implementation of these sustainable techniques and in material use so that it works with the building structure and concept.
The future of these young Zimbabwean architects is promising and we thank all the students that took time to create inspiring projects that our country needs.

Emerge would like to thank all the students who participated in the 2016 ‘Rising Youth’ competition as well as the judges; Henry Abosi, Yuki Kamiya, Prof. John Knight and Ruvimbo Moyo for their dedication
and support.

Many thanks to our sponsors; the Rotary Club of Claremont, RM Design Studio, Povo Afrika Trust, Tappnology, Befront, SustainZim, Build Construct and Bora Growth Partners for their commitment to
the competition.

The Emerge Competition welcomes sponsors. Individuals and organisations are invited to support our efforts in promoting innovative concepts and sponsoring tertiary education. Email info@emergecompetition.com for more information. Visit the competition website at www.emergecompetition.com

A total of R20 000 was awarded which went towards the winners’ tuition.
The winners were published on the Emerge Competition website, the Befront  Magazine as well as in POVO Afrika’s SustainZim green newspaper. They will also be featured on ZBC’s Build Construct. More information on these proposals can be found at www.emergecompetition.com

The Emerge Winners

Verney K.W Moyo (February 21 1994) is a young aspiring architect who has spent most of his life in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Born to and raised by a single mother (Maggie Mukwa) he exhibited an aptitude for the visual arts and spatial design from an early age. His schooling years were spent at S.O.S Children’s Village where he completed his primary education before moving on to Christian Brother’s College where he completed his secondary schooling; graduating with academic colours in his fourth and fifth years. His architecture career kicked off while studying at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2017 and also made Dean’s List the year before. His designs always seek to address key environmental and sustainability issues through a wide range of approaches and interventions. Currently a part of a new and vibrant architecture movement known as HUBO, as well as a smaller upcoming brand known as VISUALIZE, he is a stickler for details who believes that great space has the ability to shape mind-sets, mold the future, and promote a spirit of co-existence within society as well as with the environment.

Emerge competition 2017 runner up

Tichaona Owen Gondo born 12 February 1993. Since my early childhood, I have always been passionate about nature, structures and machines. I would spend a greater part of my spare time doing sketches of the things that I was so passionate about. Apart from drawing/sketching, I marveled at how nature (fauna and flora) operated. My early interest in architecture was conceived my high school years. I did my O’ and A’ level at Z.R.P high school which offered courses in engineering and building design. Since then, my skills in art became more technical. However, I never lost my interest in nature (fauna and flora). I started appreciating buildings and other structures whose features and systems were inspired by nature. Hence, I am a fanatic of those architects who explore bio-mimicry. Mick Pearce, Sir Foster and Renzo Piano are such architects I adore.


Emerge competition 2017 2nd runner up

Proud Dube was born in 1992 on the twentieth of January, in a little community clinic of Tshabalala. My parents, both still happily married, raised me up in that same Bulawayo community of Tshabalala for most of my life save the time which I have spent with my aunts in Botswana during my academic period at Limkokwing university of creative technology.  I also have to mention that I have one elder brother, a younger sister and the last born little brother because these have played major influencial roles in my young life. I did my primary education in Robert Tredgold primary school and secondary education in St. Columba’s High School both of which are in Bulawayo. Am currently studying for an associate degree in architectural technology till mid year 2018. Another important thing to mention is my Seventh-Day Adventist Christian believe which is a great influence to lot about me. Why architecture? Well the answer to that is I have always been a lover and enthusiast of art and expression, hence architecture was the more acceptable profession (compared to being an artist) to my parents who have always preferred a conservative view of life.

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