Climate Change Impact to the Horticulture and Rural Producers


Indeed, a lot of valuable information has been churned on Climate-change. But the aggregate difference is the application of such information to the most relevant sector of food production, which, are the rural producers. The negligence by the relevant authorities to provide such information to this Sector which depend on the weather and seasonal performances is a great denial and betrayal to the people’s livelihoods.

The Climate-change is no longer the technical issue to be known by the academics of this field alone, but the manner in which this knowledge has been unpacked is meant for every human being to understand how one’s life has an impact on the Environment leading to the Climate –effects, either positively or negatively. ABA co-works with rural producers under the Producers Cluster with the scope of enhancing alternative lucrative markets, [market-linkages] and also urging the farmers to grow fresh produce which is organically-cultured.

The reality on ground is that, most farmers do not know the climate-trends which are:-

• Affecting their social lives;
• Impacting on their livelihoods;
• Causing gender disparities and strains;
• Making poverty indicators grow;


➢ Teach-ins on Climate-change;

➢ Knowledge on new-agricultural trends-kind of crops to plant and abandonment of such fertilizers & crop chemicals which are Environment unfriendly;

➢ Popularizing the Eco-friendly Agro-products;

➢ Environmental preservation information;

➢ Economic activities under the transforming climatic conditions; Value-addition and beneficiation;

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