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The Climate ‘is’ Changing

As we draw closer to this year's elections, it is important that we put in place a government that prioritises the environment and climate...

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Zimbabwe’s Import Ban on Private Vehicles

Lifestyles & Livelihoods vs Climate Change The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Mthuli Ncube recently announced during...

Post Covid-19 era; Zimbabwe needs to re-visit on goals 1, 2 and 5 to...

Three Sustainable Development Goals are on hang to success before 2030 due to covid-19 threat since the beginning of this year. 

Agroecology a tool for enhanced food security Masvingo District

With the rains now in full swing and the prediction from the Metrological Services Department for above-average rainfall, the 20/21 farming season...

Environmental Management Outlook in the wake of COVID-19

The unheralded turn of events attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic left the whole world confounded as there was a lot of reprioritization...

Water hyacinth overwhelms Mucheke river

Zimbabwe–Masvingo–Rivers are fast becoming one of the most endangered precious natural resources on earth. The sustainable existence of these...
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Renewable energy

Enhancing food security through solar-powered irrigation in Matabeleland

Introduction The climate in Gwanda is referred to as a local steppe type of weather. During the year there is little rainfall averaging 477mm, with...
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Waste Management


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