Catch Them Young


It was also established to complement and support existing government and private sector initiatives that strive to protect the natural environment. In fulfilling the above mandate the organization has embarked and shall venture on the following programming or focus areas:

> School and Community Environmental
> Awareness and Protection Campaign
> Clean up Campaigns
> Renewable Energy and
> Waste Management
> Food Security and Agriculture
> Water and Sanitation Hygiene
> Tree Planting and Protection of Forest
> Protection of Bio-diversity
> Information, Education, Communication
> (IEC) and Materials Development

The Catch Them Young Project
The project was launched in June 2016 under the School and Community Environmental Awareness and Protection Campaign Programme. SOET has partnered with EMA and UNICEF for technical support in implementing the above mentioned project. The project is being implemented in schools in the Midlands Province for a period of five years and is targeting children between the ages of 4 and 18. Central to the conduct of the programme shall be raising awareness among school children about the need and importance of protecting the environment and supporting environment protection development initiatives in their communities

The motive for implementing environmental programmes in schools has gone a long way in imparting relevant basic knowledge to adolescents about the need to protect and maintain the environment they live in. SOET believes that targeting young people is essential as it assists in the development of a mind-set that is environmentally friendly among youths which hopefully can be cascaded down to future generations. This initiative shall inevitably ensure sustainable development in environment protection. The knowledge shall be imparted through environmental clubs that shall be set up in schools across the Midlands Province

One of the objectives of the project is to establish and support 250 school environment clubs in the midlands province by 2021. In pursuit of reaching the target, SOET in Gweru District has thus far managed to establish 3 environment clubs at Herentals, Progress High and Mkoba 4 Primary. In schools that already had environmental clubs, SOET has managed to move in and strengthen the capacity and existing activities of the environmental clubs. On this, the Trust has thus far managed to support and strengthen environmental clubs at Thornhill High, Fletcher High, Cecil John Rhodes Primary, and Mpumelelo Primary. In Chirumhanzu District the organisation has managed to establish a club at Chengwena Secondary School. The organisation is currently conducting the following activities in the clubs:


IEC materials distribution

Tree Planting

Waste management and Clean Up Campaigns

Field Trips and Exchange Visits

Life Skills Training

Students’ at Chengwena have established a tree nursey and are using waste plastics to create bins.  In all the clubs SOET has managed to distribute environment related books and manuals. The IEC material that SOET distributed to Thornhill High played a pivotal role in propelling the School to attaining first place at the EMA Provincial Environment Debate held on the 22nd of September 2016 at Thornhill High. As a result of the success the school qualified for the national finals that shall be held in October in Gweru. The club also managed to produce the overall best speaker at the Provincial Debate.
The organisation is looking to expand to other schools and districts and it is currently engaging the following schools Linfield Academy, Regina Mundi, Matongo Primary and Guinea Fowl in Gweru. In Shurugwi the organisation is set to move in to Chrome High

We believe and hope that by the end of the project the following outcomes would have been achieved
Increased understanding and knowledge about the best practices of ensuring a healthy and safe environment issues among adolescents.

Inspired young people equipped with knowledge and skills to make positive development on the environment.
Adoption and practice of basic environment friendly practices by young people.
Empowered young people who are prepared to make positive developments in their lives and communities.

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