Sustainable Development Goals in Zimbabwe


In 2015, our planet recorded the hottest temperatures on record – a testimony to the global threat now posed by Global Warming and Climate change. At the heart of all this – Sub Saharan Africa, the most susceptible region with frequent floods, cyclones, and droughts, that damage infrastructure, destroy crops, disrupt livelihoods, and cause loss of life. Never has the need for mass information been as vital as it is now – hence SustainZim!
The SustainZim project adheres to all 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with particular focus on 7;

SDG 7 – Affordable Clean Energy
There needs to be a more of a shift in Zimbabwe towards renewable energy sources and less reliance on non-renewables. Solar and Hydro energy are the 2 major sources available and should be
utilised more.

SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
People living in cities and rural communities have a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and protect their environment. It is also the government’s responsibility to ensure that this occurs.

SDG 12 – Reasonable Consumption and Production
It is vital Zimbabwe does not over consume its resources for the sake of its environment and future generations to come.

SDG 13 – Climate Action
As a predominantly agricultural nation, Zimbabwe’s fate revolves around climate change whose spectre has already been made apparent in the dryer regions of the country.

SDG 14 – Life Below water:
Aquatic life in our streams, rivers and lakes is being affected by our over dependence on irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Biodiversity loss continues unnoticed and the water hyacinth plant is spreading unchecked, blocking sunlight reaching the water bed and depriving any growth of life. This is affecting the entire food chain in our waters and needs immediate attention.

SDG 15 – Life on Land
Deforestation, Agriculture and human expansion have affected the life on our land. Loss of habitat has led to loss of biodiversity with some species of animals and plants becoming locally extinct. We need a shift to other income generating activities beside agriculture to reduce the pressure on the land. E.g. Technology Production

SDG 17 – Partnership for the goals
This is the most important SDG because without partnerships and cooperation none of the SDGs would be achievable.

What we have done so far?
A 2016 project, the SustainZim publication has been very successful with 4 issues completed and 40,000 copies distributed to key stakeholders nationwide; Government Departments, Civil Society, Groups, Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Libraries, Businesses and Individuals. The same stakeholders are also active contributors to the newspaper which features a broad spectrum of projects in their field.

Call for Contributors
Four more SustainZim issues are scheduled for 2017 (March, June, September and December). We are calling for organisations and individuals to send in content for the paper. The benefits of contributing content include; Showcase and educate the masses on programs the organisation is undertaking. Instant recognition throughout Zimbabwe, the region and the entire world for successful programs, which will attract more funding for organisations. An opportunity for partnerships and collaboration with other organisations or individuals. A chance for successful programs to be emulated in other areas, creating more employment and other income generating activities which benefit both the people and the environment.

Why sponsor SustainZim?
There is an opportunity for organisations to sponsor and advertise in our newspaper. Information on Sustainable Development needs to be disseminated as far as the grass roots level. The sponsoring organisation is made the main feature and gets special mention in the paper, with exclusive space allocated. The moral aspect of sponsoring also applies as it is a collective effort needed to make this green paper a success and for us as to achieve our SDGs. Local and international recognition through the paper, the website and social media platforms.
For more information on sponsoring an issue please email for our rate card. POVOAfrika Trust is grateful for the generous support of HIVOS, UNICEF and UNDP Zimbabwe who sponsored the 2016 SustainZim Issues. Without these organisations the paper would not have been a reality and they have done a great service to our Environment, Country and Planet.

Future of SustainZim
PovoAfrika Trust intend to make SustainZim a national newspaper accessible to everyone in Zimbabwe and also distribute to the greater region with Kenya and South Africa already on the horizon. Our publication will be translated into all the Zimbabwean indigenous languages for a wider reach. Further, SustainZim will be the leading regional source of all Climate Change and Sustainable Development information that empower communities and creates positive change through collaboration. We have a responsibility to protect our precious, sensitive and beautiful planet to ensure our ongoing existence.

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