Climathon Challenge


The world is experiencing the rising environmental, social, economic, and security risks posed by climate change, and the delay in action will result in greater risks and costs. Climate change also brings with it an unprecedented threat to the global socio-economic development. Critical is the likelihood for serious challenges such as, increased temperatures, food shortages, and decreased quality and quantity of safe water.

Climate change and global warming is the new global battlefield and if we are to win this war then, we have to act now. “We have a huge responsibility to mitigate and adapt for our own sake and the sake of our children, because a world of extreme climate change is grim for us all” Wanjira Mathai. If you are passionate enough to contribute in creating a legacy for your children and children’s children then the time to act is now.

The Challenge
In partnership with Climate-KIC (EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy) and other important local stakeholders, CareerAid will host the Climathon event which will inform, engage and inspire, while communicating both the challenges and opportunities arising from climate change in and around Harare. Harare which is the capital city of Zimbabwe experiences a lot of local governance issues from poor water treatment, waste disposal and dominated by cheap imported cars with high carbon emission. Hence on this event we will invite all stakeholders interested in tackling matters regarding these challenges. The event will feature idealists, inventors, innovators and experts who will be housed under the same roof in a competition and brainstorming event. In this packed event, participants will help tackling issues that the city is facing in a fun, involving and interactive way.

Climate change is no longer a science problem but a people’s problem so this challenge is inviting people with diverse skills. Entrepreneurs, economists, geeks, innovators, accountants, lawyers, bankers, developers, business analysts, architects, legislators, marketers etc are all invited to contribute positively to fighting climate change and as well ride on the opportunities that it presents. This is an opportunity to win prizes that will help your idea become reality and tap into a global network of likeminded people working to create a new, clean economy fuelled by creative climate change solutions

What can/can’t I bring to the event?
Bring a laptop and devices to do research on, pretty useful! Anything else you think you will need specific to your skills please bring it. We will have generic stationary onsite.

What does the 24 hours look like?
This will be one of the engaging 24 hours you will experience. This event taking place at Batanai Gardens B2C Co-Working Space will be about ideation and putting a team together to sprint for 24 hours on the idea. It’s all about getting your hands dirty and doing the work, seeing how much you can learn and then sharing this with the wider group in a pitch style event at the end of the day to the panel of legends.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Contact: ;
Phone: 0773052273; 0773864065
Visit: to register as a participant on or before 30 September 2016.

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