Indigenous Fruits of Zimbabwe


A few years ago I was in Watsomba and came across so many indigenous wild fruits and it took me back to the days when we were growing up and all these fruits were in abundance  in the wild and you didn’t have to buy them. The effects of  climate change and expansion of urban areas have been evident at a macro level and has led to the dwindling of most of these fruit trees. I took photos of as many of the fruits as possible and also added a few more which I got over the past two years. I have tried to get the fruits straight from the tree so they are as fresh as possible.


The use of indigenous has been used loosely to refer to fruits that are found in the wild in Zimbabweís countryside. I would like to thank Evelyn Roe for providing the English and Latin names for the fruits. Whenever I come to Zimbabwe I always look forward to getting my fix of indigenous fruits.

Some are also known by different names in the different regions of the country. If you have any additional info including descriptions of the fruits, taste, seasons, eating instructions etc please feel free to send them through.

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