The World Goes Green As Africa Launches 1st Electric Cars


Rwanda on 28 October 2019 launched the 1st Volkswagen Electric Cars in Kigali. Volkswagen Rwanda launched this in conglomeration with Germany Multi-National Conglomerate Company. Siemens provides e-Golf charging solutions. After fully charged, the car travels 230 kilometres. This is the 1st of its kind in Africa. 

Launching the 1st Technology of its kind, Prime-Minister of Rwanda Eduardo Ngirente said Africa has come out of age in terms of Technology. He highlighted that Africa is now ahead and moving with time looking at the fact that Africa takes Technology fast like the developed World. 

He added that there is now hope that the Green Revolution is a sure case of success. He said if the number of cars increase by 2025, pollution may be reduced by almost 40%. Besides, he adds that air pollution effects will one day become thing of the past. Air Pollution is hazardous to Health. It contributes to Lung cancer, cardio-vascular and Tuberculosis diseases.

‘Africa is now towards a Green Revolution.  The World itself now goes green. The main concern has been centred on the Environment. Protecting the Environment is more than anything we do in a dynamic World. Our Environment goes Green. Africa and the World now needs to promote the new Technology, save energy sources like bio-mass and the natural environment. 

‘The new Technology makes us achieve on Energy and Environment Goals. There are Goals we need to achieve by 2030 as Africa. Now that we have new Technology, we have to achieve the Goals. We have the Sustainable Development Goals of reducing hunger and poverty. The need to improve on increase in Sustainable Energy is vital. There is also need of promoting Health and Education and the idea of Building Better Cities and Communities’. 

Volkswagen Rwanda Director Michaella Rugwizangogo said the coming of the new technology is a direct positive challenge for Energy Sustainability, Sustainable- Environment management and Economic Motor development especially in the developing World like Africa. He emphasised that the kind of Technology fosters Economic Growth.  

‘This is an issue of Energy development of which its development is saviour to the development, protection and preservation of the natural- Environment. Environmental development is linked to Energy sources. Energy grows out of the development of the Environment. If there is no sustainable Environment then Energy sources are dead.’

Siemens –East Africa Director Sabine Dall Omo said time is around for Africa to rise and shine. This is unique development that will reduce, eradicate and by 2050, if well managed eliminate problems of fuel in some countries like Zimbabwe. 

‘This is unique to Africa in the sense that we serve our source on earth. The served sources save future generations during times of shortage of electricity.  Energy is concern of demand in the developing World. It is now time for us to move Green towards a New Fourth Generation Revolution’

Energy Expert from NOCZIM, Jacob Murahwa contacted for a brief interview said this will save already sources of energy which we do not have in our country. He said first of all it is a blessing to countries like Zimbabwe which has energy and power challenges.

‘I am talking about Oil resources. We have challenges known but they must come to an end by 2025. We have to preserve what must be used in times of hydro-power shortages like we are in now. This is a great development.’, he said.  

Toyota Zimbabwe Director Richard Mugodi said the launch is blessing to the Motor Industry which produce 13% carbon emissions in Africa. He said the increase of cars is a challenge in the World looking at carbon emissions leading to Global Warming, Climate Change, Elnina and lanina . The developed World produces more than 30%. Green House Gases have led to the increase and extreme escalation of Climate-Change. 

‘’The total number of cars in the World has reached 3 and half billion. The Green Revolution is on the way without doubt. It will mean time to solve and end Health problems of pollution. Saving energy sources is inevitable and sustenance of the environment is real,’’ he concludes.

The World is moving towards a Green Revolution by supporting the development of some other kind of cars like the Solar Power Vehicles, use of Diesel 50. There is also need to move from Diesel 50 to Diesel 10 close by 2020. 

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