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The Emerge Competition: ‘Living Tomorrow’

In July 2015, Ruvimbo Moyo launched Emerge, a competition that promotes innovative concepts that re-think the current rural and urban conditions, reaping new proposals...
Gwanda District gets solar

Solar brings joy to Gwanda District

Mabasa solar plant in Gwanda Gwanda District is one of the driest areas in Zimbabwe. The district is in farming natural region 5 of the...

Changing Mindsets in the Face of a Changing Climate

Climate change has become one of the worst global crises of the 21st century. Whether one believes this phenomenon or not, its effects...
Traditional Food

The 2016 Traditional and Organic Food and Seed Festival

Dear Aunty Simukai I’ve been meaning to write to you for a few months now to tell you about something really exciting happening in Harare...
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