Young Africa Zimbabwe offers Solar Technology Courses


The mission of YA is to empower young people through vocational and technical skills training combined with life skills and entrepreneurship training. Accordingly, we integrate vocational skills training in market-related technical, commercial and agricultural trades, small enterprise development services and life skills education.
As of January 2017 Young Africa will be offering Solar Technology courses. The course will focus on Design, Installation and Maintenance of Solar systems.
The introduction of this course has been necessitated by the growing number of people who are installing solar panels but without proper training and knowledge of the fundamentals of Photo-voltaics hence facilitating system failures, wasting huge amounts of resources and impacting negatively on people’s confidence in Renewable Energy.
insetSolar installation is a science. A successful solar installation comprises of an understanding of the working principle of the Solar system and a thorough appreciation of electrical load power profile (electrical gadgets to be powered) which are critical for the installation of efficient and affordable solar system.
A lot of solar systems are failing due to limited to zero knowledge of the fundamentals of solar systems.
A technical training will give the installer an understanding of the different types of solar systems/components at his/her disposal, a comprehensive understanding of what is required of the solar system hence optimizing on the design, cost and increasing
system efficiency.

Program Rationale:
The high number of sunlight hours and sunshine intensity in Zimbabwe is ideal for solar energy. The demand keeps growing with a growing shortage of non sustainable energy sources which cause global warming & climate change, spiralling fuel and electricity prices. YA Zimbabwe anticipates on this trend by offering hands-on training to (underprivileged) young people in the installation and maintenance of solar panels, educating them on the benefits of clean Renewable Energy against other forms of generating electricity and their effects on global warming and climate change.

Program Purpose:
To equip installers with knowledge of photovoltaic and thermal systems, suitable for a  position with a dealer /installer or other PV/thermal industry company.
Graduates can also start their own business in solar technology after this training.

Program Objectives:
On completion of the program, trainees will have the following the knowledge and (but not limited to) ability to fulfil the following competences:
Basics of Electrical Engineering, Fundamentals of solar photovoltaic technology, Components of a solar photovoltaic system, Solar home system (SHS) design and installation, Repair and maintenance of components of solar photovoltaic systems, Design aspects of large solar photovoltaic systems, Design aspects of water pumping systems, Socio – techno Economic Feasibility Study, Practical training, Entrepreneurial Skills, Quality assurance, Performance Inspection and Commissioning
The YA Solar department will also be running a solar systems installation business to which the students will immensely benefit  the practical hands-on experience.
After the training the graduating students can join various Solar installation/distributing companies or even start their own companies.
Arrangements can also be made if there are groups of students who are in towns outside Harare to be trained.
We hope the programme will go a long way in contributing to general appreciation and uptake of the Renewable Energy as well as empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Young Africa Zimbabwe is a skills training organisation which seeks to empower young people through vocational and technical skills training combined with life skills and entrepreneurship training. Our integral approach seeks to address the personal, social and economic needs of young people in a highly synchronised way giving opportunities for on-the-job exposure to trainees.

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