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Long time back in ancient days, Economic Analyst and Demographer Thomas Malthus of Britain eye opened  into future séance that came to touch ground of the 21st  century.  Thomas talked of an over-populated World of  6 billion people that would not carry the number befitting existing resources.

We are facing new Technological threshold  in Energy to phase out antique Energy Technologies which have created for us emission output which have had impacts on human lives and the natural environment from which Energy sources are embedded.
The important figure when talking about Solar Power is Albert Einstein,  a Germany by birth, born in 14 March 1879.Albert Einstein discovered Solar Power at the age of 26.
It sounds interesting to me when I focus on a development case of  Energy discovered 137 years ago.We talk of its height in Africa today yet others have gone long way. One area so much of current interest is that of Diesel 50 and Solar powered vehicles. Around the World,  use of Diesel 500 is condemned. However we need to grapple with challenges , take up the idea of changing times and consummate modern applicable standards.
Diesel 50 is the most recommended one at a time solar powered vehicles take a knock in a move to match Technology.This makes us move towards Green Energy and a Health Environment .The Development is in line with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1994 which seek to aim at the reduction of green- house gas concentrations in the Atmosphere. These green- house gases are mainly carbon –dioxide, sulphur dioxide and black carbon.
Under the Montreal Protocol 1989 ,  World Leaders managed to hold a conference in Canada which came out with results of some ozone depleting substances like chloroflouro- carbons and methane bromide getting phased out. These massively contributed to the depletion of ozone layer, a consequential negative scenario which leads to Global Warming which then cause Climate Change and cascades to reality on the ground of El-nina and La-nina warm and cool currents from the Pacific Ocean.
Vehicles using Diesel 500 are contributing massively to depletion of the ozone layer which when vehemently affected develops a hole by which through it , ultra-violet radiation heat up the earth and then infra- red gets back into the atmosphere.Gases like carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane and nitrous oxide absorb out-bound energy and remit it as heat.That is why they are called Green House Gases.
Diesel 50 according to Energy Experts like Gloria Magombo Chief Executive of ZERA, is efficient and friendly to use since many vehicles are fitted with emission control devices such as Diesel Particulate Filters that require use of Diesel 50.These vehicles  include the New MAZDA B 50 RANGE, 6th Generation ISUZU models, New HYUNDAI Santef and Gray Imports of TOYOTA  vehicles. Many developed countries like USA follow Global Trend of Technology by using Diesel 50.
Experts working on Energy projects in Zimbabwe are trotting step further up from Diesel 50 to match Modern Technology of the use of the most friendly Fuel that is Diesel 10 which will work with Solar Powered vehicles.However it is time for SADC countries to support Regional Intergration in Policy change for new Technology so as to grapple with challenges , draw solution lines to create a smart Environment. It is vital to link Energy projects and Environment  , developing International standards which fits in the SADC context of Technological developments  to foster Economic Growth.
The consumption of Diesel 50 has increased from 1,7 million litres in 2015 to about 4 million  in 2016. It means then the number of companies is increasing as well. This creates employment and reduce poverty , increase Gross Domestic Product and moves towards Sustainable Development Goals.
Why would we as a Region take  interventions to invest in such  initiatives ? Firstly , Africa has had  drawbacks in Technology as some countries kept updated . Yes , we might not have the knowledge to manufacture at International standards but we have resources  needed to come up with a final product. Should we remain a dumping ground of the west at the net expense of our children’s future?.
The bigger number of those energy vulnerable and absolute poor are drawn from Africa. By solving energy issues and cleaning the Environment , World countries are scoring on Sustainable Development Goals  related to Energy ,Economic and
Environmental Development.
To bring ourselves on the acme of  motorization , it starts with our concerted effort in making use of solar powered vehicles. We rightly move towards clean climate since we will be in a position to completely phase out all gases that contribute to ozone layer depletion.
Air Pollution won’t be a threat. Countries will be in a strong position to fight   Cardiovascular infections like Tuberculosis and pneumonia which affect the Lung.
Air Pollution  is the circulation of toxic substances in air like those fumed out by Diesel 500. According to World Health Organisation , Air Pollution has killed 3,7 million people around the World.This has prompted 1st world countries to push for the use of Diesel 50. As the World moves towards fast motorization with the use of Diesel 50 ,we have less Health problems.
Experts in the Motor Industry states that the total number of cars on the roads has risen to 2 billion and by 2030 the figure may rise to 3 billion depending on high motorization growth rate and Gross Domestic Product
per capita.
Clean Energy development is by no doubt the way forward . Community Development projects to support this Global goal initiative to win on some Sustainable Development Goals focus on Community Empowerment , involvement ,participation and Community funding on Energy infrastructure.
Nevson Mpofu is a Community Development, HIV and AIDS and Project Management  Lecturer based @ a local College in Harare. Contact him on email

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