About SustainZim

SustainZim is an independent publication produced by PovoAfrika Trust to inform and educate Zimbabweans on all aspects of Sustainable Development. The publication is a hub for information on sustainable development issues including global warming and climate change, environmental management and biodiversity, energy efficiency and waste management, sustainable agriculture and other land uses, rural and urban development that promotes the reduction of our carbon footprint, amongst others. It aims to showcase green initiatives around Zimbabwe and create a platform for potential partnerships and development opportunities that stimulate positive change in Zimbabwe. The paper showcases green initiatives by government, civil society groups, companies, individuals, universities, colleges and schools with the hope that they can be emulated by stakeholders in need of similar interventions in their communities. The newspaper is a rich source of facts on how Zimbabweans can live sustainably whilst promoting a green culture within their homes, schools, work places and everyday lives. SustainZim broadsheets are distributed to key stakeholders, colleges, universities, schools and libraries as well as government departments, civic society groups and private sector players.

Why SustainZim?

We are living in times of a new global threat, Global Warming and Climate Change. It is time for the Zimbabwean society to change their mind-set towards a more sustainable way of living and contribute to the fight against Climate Change and Global Warming. Zimbabweans have very little sense of sustainability and it is time that this anomaly is addressed. Climate Change is likely to impede economic growth in Zimbabwe in many ways, fluctuating and erratic rainfall patterns, reduction in dam levels for electricity generation, disease, wildfires and severe droughts are a grim reality in this modern age.
Zimbabwe, like most countries in Africa, lies deep in the treacherous ‘crisis belt’, a region in the lower Tropic of Capricorn which is punctuated by a significant projected spread of malaria, food scarcity, desertification, reduced freshwater availability and deforestation. There is an urgent need for a change of mind-set amongst Zimbabweans to live sustainably and scale up efforts to mitigate Global Warming and Climate Change through sustainable farming practices, alternative fuel and energy sources, reduction of carbon emissions including one’s carbon footprint. As SustainZim, we are pooling resources together for the region to be on high alert in actively implementing a gamut of these and other adoption and mitigatory measures to address climate change issues in Zimbabwe. This will assist Government efforts in building a prosperous, diverse and competitive food security and nutrition sector that contributes significantly to national development and sustainable economic empowerment and social transformation as set out in ZIMASSET blueprint and the 10 point economic plan.

Who We Work With?

Planet earth is a finite resource. Everyone who occupies a place on it has to take causative action to ensure that the flora and fauna of the planet remains intact to ensure the inheritance of future generations. SustainZim works with like-minded partners and stakeholders to come up with the most resourceful intervention strategies whilst also ensuring that stakeholders have the information they need for sustainable decision making processes. Our newspaper is meant to adhere the gap between development partners, project facilitators, government and the private sector as well as recipient communities, there is a need to aggregate combined efforts. These efforts in addressing climate change and sustainable development initiatives will then be driven from one source to ensure a scaling of momentum. At SustainZim, we believe that smart partnerships not only save resources, but are a smart way of doing things that are not wasteful in order to ensure a sustainable legacy for future generations.

What we do?

According to multifaceted studies, Sub Saharan Africa, which Zimbabwe is a central part of, is going to become one of the worst affected part of planet earth due to climate change related phenomenon. SustainZim is a platform to marshal all resources material and human to provide a convergence point for information dissemination and sharing best practices to counteract the effects of climate change and emphasise the need for sustainable development initiatives in the three sectors of government, civil society and the corporate sector. More often than not, development partners and government are doing parallel projects to address this challenge, yet if resources are pooled together, there is more traction and building of scale in intervention efforts against the strain of climate change related disasters that mankind has to grapple with. As a repository of information, SustainZim serves to empower communities by publicising projects and best practice interventions that they can replicate for their livelihoods and material sustenance.


SustainZim is not only a platform to spread the word on climate change and sustainable development issues. The SustainZim team is also heavily involved in the community where the effects of climate change have not only begun to manifest in full force, but where there is also a dire need for timeous interventions. In partnership with development partners and stakeholders, we help bring mitigation and adoption strategies to communities in Zimbabwe and arrest the rising tide of climate change related drought and disease outbreaks. In future, the SustainZim newspaper will embark on an ambitious plan to increase circulation and provide copy in various indigenous languages so as to gain more traction while delivering critical knowledge directly to the affected people.

Get Involved

You can get involved in this new movement for sustainability in Zimbabwe by contributing to the newspaper and/or partnering with PovoAfrika Trust on sustainable development projects.

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